Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail

The Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail was a new trail for us to explore. This is a map of the trail. One of Mikes friends visited this place and he suggested we should go. I had not even heard of the place. We took the kids up for a day trip and to find the geocache located there. It was a beauftiful spot for photography hiking and picnics.

Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail Brook beside Picnic Area
Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail Brook beside Picnic Area

This is right beside the picnic area, next time I would bring peanuts for the squirrels/chimpunks, they seemed tame.



The brook/river is so pretty there, I would have loved to have tried fishing there.

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Mike took this photo of this tree mushroom? Waiting on a reply after some research to see if I can identify it, I thought it was pretty with the rain on it.


The geocache! This one was hard to find..this picture will not help you lol.


We were pretty sure we had a coyote following us..or a dog maybe… However we did find fresh poop and it had rabbit fur in it so..yuck and a tad scary!

Location is in Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
Map shows up close view of the actual trail, zoom out to get direction to the actual trail.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Yarmouth, NS | Leif Erikson Park


Cape Forchu has been doing a lot of work. The new Leif Erikson Park walking trail is looking awesome. The trail will soon have interpretive panels along it.

Trail from above and Riley.


Some flowers by the lighthouse.

Riley on the rocks up too high!! Lol made me nervous.


It’s much easier walking then the old sorta trail there before. They have widened and paved or graveled the trail. It goes down near the water and one thing I really enjoyed were the rock benches and decorations all over.



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Me, proof I was there as I’m the one always taking the pictures lol.


Mike on the trail:)

This sorta shows the trail and the rocks.


Lighthouse from a distance.


The boyfriend looking out standing on one of the many rock benches. There are big cement pads and I think places for picnic tables or informational plaques?

Love going out for beach walks or on trails. The big chair was destroyed this winter during a storm but I hear they are rebuilding that. Lots of work to happen but I’m excited to see it all done and take the kids out!

Lemon Pie without Meringue instead Whipped Cream

I hate meringue, so I make my lemon pie without meringue and instead used whipped cream!  I also use some lemon zest on top.

Lemon Pie with Whipped Cream
Lemon Pie with Whipped Cream

I made this from scratch today.

Lemon Pie without Meringue

1 cup of sugar
2 tbsp flour
3 tbsp cornstarch
1/8 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups of water
2 lemons, juice and rind zest
2 tbsp butter
4 egg yolks
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1. Mix dry ingredients then add water and lemons.
2. After boiling add butter, remove from heat temp and quickly whisk in egg yolks. Cook until thick.

Pour in baked pie shell and top with whipped cream with a bit more zest on top.

Here in Nova Scotia today its finally sunny and nice.  Over the weekend me and the family decided to get back into geocaching. The kids had picked up these coins too long ago so just put them in my geocache called “over the hedge” and added many more trinkets because the cache was an absolute mess!  One of the coins I activated and asked them to try and get travelled to New Zealand, Alaska and Europe!  The turtle shaped coin started in the Netherlands, to Germany, then Sweden, Toronto, Canada, and then Nova Scotia.



Another sign of spring…sidewalk chalk…love having my driveway decorated:)

Digby Neck Nova Scotia | Long Island, Balancing Rock | Hiking Trails NS

Over the past few years I have made many trips to Digby and specifically Digby Neck.  My boyfriend and his family lives on the neck and the views there are unbelievable, want a full day of awesome views, try Mount Shubel and the balancing rock hike. I will have better pictures of Mount Shubel soon! Here are a few of the images from my many trips there.

This is taken off the wharf this winter in Centerville, NS… I think that was the name of the area. This was taken in January of this year!
 This one was taken where the Digby Neck ferry to Long Island comes in 🙂 This January as well.

The next few pictures were taken one a day in 2010 when me and Mike and the kids spent the day on Long Island geocaching! It was the most beautiful hiking trail in Nova Scotia. The balancing rock is a tall basalt stack located on the coasts of Digby County. (more info below)

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Lots of stairs ahhhh.

The Balancing Rock Trail is a 2.4 km trail through forest and with nice trails and board walks for easy walking in some parts. This rock is a part of North Mountain which forms the cliffs along St. Mary’s Bay and the Bay of Fundy.

The rock  has been standing an estimated 200 years and it is attached by two small sections only; you can look through open space under it. Local people tell of several fishermen who tried to pull it over with fishing boats with no success.

I love this hike and I want to go again soon me, Mike, Maddy and Riley made the hike there, and back, there is a geocache there just before the cliffs of the balancing rock. It was a great day!

Blackberry Jelly|Chokecherry Jelly for beginners | CJLS Geocaching GPS

I heard something rather amusing today on CJLS in Yarmouth, NS, they were going on and on about how people in Yarmouth, do not need a GPS in their car…. Wait a second, you do realize in Yarmouth we have thousands of geocaches! Geocaches are things you find with a GPS. To learn more about it visit the geocaching page of my website! It’s a super fun game that ALSO takes you to places that you will never notice driving by the 100’s of time a day in Yarmouth! So CJLS, you are wrong, people in Yarmouth should own GPS’s:)

Each little dot is a hidden box or container:)

Last year was my first time ever making jelly. Me and Mike were geocaching on the tracks in Arcadia and noticed some blackberries, not some thousands, so me and mike went and grabbed some containers, and started picking. We gave the mosquitoes a lunch, and got tons of blackberries:

When we got them home, we soaked them in water to get the bugs out, then got stockings from the dollar store and Mike squeezed them and squeezed them until his hands hurt.
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We took the juice and followed the recipe on the package of certo for raspberries.
Here are the jars all clean and boiled.

Here is the blackberry jelly complete!