Christmas Carrot Pudding and Hard Sauce | Steamed Pudding

Steamed Carrot Pudding Recipe

Carrot pudding was a traditional Christmas dessert at my house growing up in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. My grandmother Elsie Mackay, used to get me to help her make this, it was a big project and the whole family looked forward to it each year.  After my grandmother passed on,  the recipe was lost as she never wrote it down, after a few years of searching and multiple test recipes, I found it!

Steamed Carrot Pudding Recipe

Carrot Pudding Ingredients

1 egg
1 cup grated raw carrot
1 cup grated raw potato
1/2 cup beef suet minced
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup minced very small dates

Carrot Pudding Mixture Look

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1. Mix all wet ingredients, then add, sugar, flour, spices, & fruit.

2. Put in a double boiler or a pudding mold and steam for 3 hours. Carrot pudding is done when you press lightly on the top and it springs back.

3. Store in plastic and tinfoil in the fridge if you plan on eating within a week or in the freezer if you plan on eating it later on.

Hard Sauce Recipe

1/2 cup (1 stick) real butter MUST BE SOFT NOT MELTED IMPORTANT!!!!! I sit it near where I am steaming my pudding.
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup heavy (whipping) cream  Room temperature

Cream the butter , gradually add powdered sugar a bit at a time. Slowly dribble in the heavy cream. Don’t beat too much or it will curdle and separate. Sprinkle a teaspoon of brandy over the sauce and let sit in fridge, keep cold.

Hard Sauce Recipe

How to Prepare for Eating

  1. Bake pudding in oven on 350 till heated through and crispy on the outside.
  2. Make sure the hard sauce remains COLD, just before serving, remove from the fridge and

Christmas Scent Jars | Homemade Christmas Gifts | Non Allergenic House Fragrance Hypoallergenic

With allergies I cannot buy many scented candles, air fresheners, or room sprays so I have found a great alternative! Stove boiled house freshener! Sliced lemons, limes and oranges and spices. Below is a Christmas scent jar, it smells awesome. I received this as a gift from a friend at work.

Christmas Scent Jar
Christmas Scent Jar

Ingredients in Scent Jar

1 tablespoon of cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
3-5 bay leaves
2-3 Lime Slices
2-3 Lemon Slices
2-3 orange slices


1. Slice your fruit
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3. Put all ingredients in a mason jar.
4. Fill jar with water.
5. Seal jar and keep in fridge till use.

Usage Instructions

1. Pour contents in a pot.
2. Simmer on low heat and keep adding water as needed.

Dehydrated Christmas Scent Bags
Dehydrated Christmas Scent Bags

What I have been making lately! This stamped washer sells for $10.00 and can have anything that will fit stamped on it!


Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments Snowflakes, Trees Easy Making Handmade

I attempted making applesauce cinnamon Christmas ornaments with glue this year. I have seen them before and never tried as I thought it would be expensive..I was wrong, one cup of cinnamon plus some..was only 1.75 at bulk barn in Nova Scotia. I for some reason figured it would be much more expensive for cinnamon.

Applesauce Cinnamon Ornament Dough

1 cup of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of cloves
3/4 cup of apple sauce
2 tablespoons of white glue

Other Items
2-3 inch headpins
Cookie cutters
Glitter and more glue
Paint to decorate
Ribbon or hooks
Drying rack
Rolling pin

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2. Mix in a cup, the apple sauce and the glue

3. Slowly mix everything together as the cinnamon flies everywhere.

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornament Dough
Cinnamon Applesauce Ornament Dough

4. The mix may be a bit crumbly, you may need to add more apple sauce, but before you do, start kneading, for a while, hard, when it is rolled out it should be smooth, try using only part of the mixture, add more apple sauce as needed, the rolled dough should look like this:

5. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, I purchased mini cookies cutters from Bulk Barn for 69 cents! Super cheap.

6. Take the headpins and push them in head first then pat the shape down around the headpin, sit and let dry! You can shape the headpins before inserting for easier hanging. I prefer the headpin method as my ornaments are tiny and the hole takes up half of the ornament.

7. Let the ornaments dry, this will take 3-4 days. I do not use the oven drying method as I find more ornaments break.

8. After ornaments dry decorate with paint and or glitter, decorate only one side so the smell can escape! Note if ornament looses smell or freshness, which will take years I hear, sand the back side.

9. Use a hook or ribbon for hanging.  You are done and your house should smell of cinnamon for a week!  After I am done I will be packaging these up to give as gifts for my family and friends Christmas trees.

Cinnamon and Applesauce Christmas Ornament
Cinnamon Christmas Ornament Snowflake

Cinnamon Christmas Ornament  in Tree Shapes
Cinnamon Christmas Ornament in Tree Shapes

Pumpkin Seed Ornaments | Handmade Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago my relative gave my mom a christmas ornament made of seeds, they were the cutest thing ever! Now about 10 years later, I decided to remake them for Christmas gifts this year, I would have posted this sooner, however,they were gifts, I couldn’t! 🙂

Here is a picture of the final product:

Here are the supplies you will need to make them!

1. Dry pumpkin seeds
2. Something for the center, either a coffee bean, I used red peppercorns from bulk barn, or even another seed.
3. Ribbon to hang them
4. cardboard fro a cereal box or cardstock from your srabooking supplies.
5. Glue gun and glue sticks

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Here they are in image form:

1. First cut a circle out of paper.
2.  Glue the ribbon to the paper well!
3. start gluing an outer seeds, make sure to put the near the edge and glue them well
4. When starting the second layer, glue them in between the other seeds, put lots and lots of glue, no skimping:)
5. glue the center in and let dry!

I have also painted some and added glitter but I like the natural look the best:)