Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail

The Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail was a new trail for us to explore. This is a map of the trail. One of Mikes friends visited this place and he suggested we should go. I had not even heard of the place. We took the kids up for a day trip and to find the geocache located there. It was a beauftiful spot for photography hiking and picnics.

Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail Brook beside Picnic Area
Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail Brook beside Picnic Area

This is right beside the picnic area, next time I would bring peanuts for the squirrels/chimpunks, they seemed tame.



The brook/river is so pretty there, I would have loved to have tried fishing there.

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Mike took this photo of this tree mushroom? Waiting on a reply after some research to see if I can identify it, I thought it was pretty with the rain on it.


The geocache! This one was hard to find..this picture will not help you lol.


We were pretty sure we had a coyote following us..or a dog maybe… However we did find fresh poop and it had rabbit fur in it so..yuck and a tad scary!

Location is in Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
Map shows up close view of the actual trail, zoom out to get direction to the actual trail.

Historical Acadian Village in Pubnico, NS

The past few summers we have went to the Historical Acadian Village. The village is run by workers that demonstrate how things were done in the old days. There is a working forge, animals, walking trails and so much more. Each time I have visited it was a totally different experience and awesome.

The Villages Contact Information
Local Phone Number: 1-902-762-2530
Toll Free Number: 1-888-381-8999

This is the entrance to the village.


Out front of the village is a carved statue of Baron Philippe Mius d’Entremont. It was carved by my brother, James Mackay.



The forge was going the first time during my visit, he made us a nail to take home. It was amazing to see how they were made and the man running it was so informative and friendly. There are many old tools in this shop. Ask questions they are all very knowledgeable in history. This place should be a school field trip!


This is the chicken coop, made the old way. The branches weaved to make the outside pen, very cool and cheap chicken pen!


Mrs. Chicken



The beginning of a dory, the workers make this over the summer using only hand tools. The young man at this spot was also very informative. Many old tools and baskets.

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Pigs at the farm, they will eat anything including your fingers! Lol


Salt fish drying, kids loved this..and maybe tested it. The salt fish building smells fishy but its interesting to see how they did it.


Inside one of the houses at the village. I loved hearing about the items in the house. The ladies in the houses bake cookies in a wood burning oven and give them to visitors. They also bake the staff members lunch each day using older methods. I didn’t get a picture of the gardens, but they grow and tend vegetable gardens and use those vegetables in the meals they cook. The ladies do everything, knitting, cooking, baking, and making preserves. They are also quick to stop and talk about the older items in the house. I love the old kitchen stoves and the kitchen gadgets.


This was one of the new places I saw this past year. The ladies were working on an entirely hand stitched quilt and they let you help and teach you how. Considering I love quilts, for me, this was awesome. The lady helping me was so patient and helpful and knowledgeable about other areas of the village. She answered many of my questions!


This guy was weaving nets down by the wharf and talking about all the old fishery methods and tools. This guy was really interesting to talk to and kind. They also gave us a old fashioned lobster claw pin!


Maddy feeding one of the cows at the village, I think there are 2 there.

Over all I enjoy myself every time I go. There is usually something a little different each time, I know friends have had their kids do laundry the old fashioned way, they have kite flying events, a rhubarb festival, teddy bear picnic day, scavenger hunt events and so much more.

If you can enjoy learning and nature and walking a bit…this is a great place to bring the family for a day trip. They even have a cafeteria on location for lunches and drinks and they are not insanely over priced. There is a cost to get in the village, but it’s worth it.

Admission Rates
Adult $6.00
Children $2.00
Family $14.00

Events Calendar: https://levillage.novascotia.ca/events

Hortons Landing Elm Tree | French Cross, Nova Scotia | Grande Pre

Vacation 2010, so these pictures about about a year old, but last September me and Mike went to the Valley geocaching. Mike took most of these photos:)
Corn Field Valley Nova Scotia Grande pre

This picture above was taken as we were driving through corn fields looking for a geocache, shortest distance to cache can take you on some interesting roads! However once we got to the cache, this was our views, it was amazing!

Hortons Landing Elm Tree


This old tree  was awesome, I just found out today that this old elm tree fell down in a storm about a month after we took this picture! Mike sent me a email at work today with the link to the article here: http://www.kingscountynews.ca/Arts/Cultural-activities/2011-08-15/article-2707156/Elm-tree-lives-on-at-Grand-Pre/1

Here are the rest of the picture:

Horton Landing Gaspereau River

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Hawk Beach | Cape Island & Clarks Harbour | Southern Tip Nova Scotia

This picture is of Hawk Beach in Cape Island, Nova Scotia! It is the longest beach in Nova Scotia that I have seen so far in my 30 years here!  There are little islands to explore off this beach, that may or may not contain geocaches! Super white sand and beautful clear water… I want to be there right now and not writing this post lol. After talking to my Cape Islander friends at work, I now learn that this is also the site of the drowned forest. Me and Mike actually were looking for this Drowned Forest and now I learn we were right there, it was just under water! Cool!

Same beach, different angle. This beach was beautiful, some people had a camper parked there staying over night, I was jealous! lol I think they are in my picture oops! Hi campers!

This is a picture of the entrace of SandHills Park/Beach in Barrington, NS. I went to this beach many times as a kid with my mom and my aunt Susan.  Brought back many memories returning here for the first time in over 10 – 15 years! Beautiful spot for picnics, beach is awesome because it’s shallow for a long time before a drop off! Warms the water a bit more and great for the little ones learning to swim!

On our travels we went down through Clarks Harbor, NS. This was a pretty cool stone church! Mike took this photo:)

Photo by Mike Newell
Photo by Mike Newell

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Land - N -Sea Restaurant (902) 637-3857 3723 Hwy 3, Barrington, NS B0W 1G0

 After our long day of travels and beaches, we stopped at a restaurant in Barrington, Land N Sea. The food was absolutely amazing. A few years ago I figured out I was allergic to shellfish, but lately with taking allergy pills, I have been trying more. I had clams and haddock, the clams were melt in your mouth awesome! I love this place and a prices were unbelieveable and the portions were huge. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the food but I forgot! The inside was nice and clean however and I did get a picture of that:

Karma Story!
Also something to make you smile, while at this restaurant there was a couple of obvious tourists(obvious due to the hats full of pins and I could hear them chatting about travel) sitting near us, they were just finishing their meal and the waiter came over to ask them if they wanted desert. They politely said no, told the waiter how lovely the meal was and asked for their bill. That waitress informed them that another customer, a lady,  that was sitting alone in the corner, paid for their entire meal and they don’t get a bill! The lady was totally shocked and almost crying, as I think I would have. HOW SWEET is that. I guess the lady that paid for the meal was from the United States here visiting and just wanted to give the tourists a present. The couple told the waitress to thank her when she comes in again, the waitress told her, she’s never seen her before and no doubt will not again! Wow is all I could say over hearing. 

I am a firm believer in Karma, I hope that someone does soemthing awesome for that lady!

What are your Karma stories?

Photography by Mike in Nova Scotia

My boyfriend Mike is an amazing photographer. Here are some photos we took this weekend. From left to right, the First picture is of the waterfall at the Yarmouth Shoe Factory. We went here to get an amazing geocache. The Second is a picture of the Marina in Arcadia. It thickens the consistency of the sperms click these guys price for levitra as well as the production of sperm to a greater degree of global mobility and therefore immigration, there is also a degree by which the social and cultural mores of immigrants add to the complexity in gender relations. Treatment of recurrent thrush with traditional medicines gives immediate relief but in time the symptoms return. cheap viagra tablet buy cialis in australia Significantly the drugs should be taken only once a day with a gap of 24 hours between 2 (two) doses. Consult a spegeneric levitra online discover for more nowt for these procedures, because massage can be successful in treating a large range of sports related injuries that include but not limited to a relationship; it spans many aspects of a person’s life leading to such psychological complications as sleep disorders, depression and fatigue. It was an amazingly calm night. Lots of bugs thou! I took the 3rd picture, when Mike wasn’t looking at Port Maitland Beach. The 4th picture is of a cute bee on my bee balm. I love our picture taking adventures. I will post more soon! 🙂Yarmouth, ns, photography