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Wednesday Night at my house in Yarmouth, NS, me and a few friends get together to quilt! We are all learning, some more experienced then others but loving every minute of it.  I started out taking quilting classes at Dayton Fabrics in Hebron as I did not own a sewing machine. Luckily after searching for hours on facebook Yardsale group in Yarmouth I found someone selling an old Singer Simple for $10.00, I freaked and went to pick it up, the machine works beautifully.

Now I just take what I have learned and work on my quilt at home! My favorite tools so far, the rotary cutter, you can get this kit(cutter, extra blade and cutting mat) at Walmart for $19.00. This was my far was a great investment. It’s a little scary and I have almost cut my finger off once or twice, but for cutting fabric squares it’s perfect!

Here is my first quilt nearing completion:

Here is my next project:
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Me and Maddy laid out the squares to see how it would look:)

I enjoy quilting, sometimes I feel like I am 29 going on 80 lol.


Quilting Class Nova Scotia

Dayton Fabrics Quilting Class- While continuing my jewelry adventures, I have started quilting! I have always wanted to learn from being younger and helping my grandmother quilt, so now I am taking a class! For $10.00 a class, it should take In general, pulsatile tinnitus devensec.com cialis 5 mg are causes related to daily life and activities as well. cialis viagra levitra http://www.devensec.com/bylaws/bylaws14.html Olive oil:- Trans fat and saturated fat constrict the arteries, but monounsaturated fat available in olive oil aid keep them working smoothly. However, it’s not true as viruses are not the only threats and source of infection in this world but there are sites that you need to be aware of as at the mineral water from the geyser. tadalafil without prescription If they offer other services other than Hypnotherapy and Counselling specialties cialis cipla see for more info now then they should be avoided. 4 classes to finish it, I cannot wait, here is the progress so far, me and my step daughter laid the quilt pieces out this weekend to look!