Birds, Cardinals, Chickadee’s Window Bird Feeder | Bird Watching Nova Scotia

For Christmas this year my mother-in-law Bessie, got me a window bird feeder. I have adored her feeders every time I visited. I love this feeder! It took a few months for the birds to find it and get comfortable coming to it, but I love this feeder for a few reasons.

The feeder sticks to the window very well, better then I expected, it actually made it through a winter hurricane and every other wind we have had in Nova Scotia this year!

Most pests cannot get in it, or at least not easily, raccoon’s cannot get in it and they tried, there were footprints on the window to prove it! Lol Pigeons can get in it with a lot of work. I think I may have figured out an addition to make it pigeon proof too!

Another thing I love about this feeder is its easy to clean and pop off the window and wash it well.

However the best thing is the view of the birds, can really get close and see details. I have a chair by the window to relax and watch.


You can get these in Canada at Home Hardware locations.


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This next picture was on a day I was home sick. This little guy stayed in the feeder all day and night to get out of the weather. He looked so cold and fragile. I’m glad he hung out with me that day.


We also have a wood pecker coming to my feeders. Love all the birds that I get here, doves, cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, and others I don’t know the names of!


This is the best picture I could get of a cardinal.


Photo by Debbie Roberts

Debbie Roberts on Redbubble sells prints of this, her photography is amazing. I love this picture of a cardinal she captured!

Boulder Cove Cottages Review, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Our getaway this summer was beautiful. We had planned on camping, but due to the weather, Mike surprised us with a trip to Boulder Cove Cottages in Shelburne, NS. I loved this place, its beautiful, relaxing and close to my family. My dad and Flo came to visit us at the camp for bonfires and suppers. Dad passed away this winter so I will miss Dad the next time we go but my stepmom, my niece, nephews and other family friends are still there to visit!

This is the outside of our cottage, the Birchtown cottage. There is a BBQ and a deck over looking the water, a fire pit and deck chairs and a picnic table.

Birchtown Cottage
Birchtown Cottage

The views from our cottage were amazing, the water, wildlife and in this picture, the sunset.

Sunset View from Birchtown Cottage
Sunset View from Birchtown Cottage

I am highly allergic to cats and dogs, however, I still love them, so when opportunities to visit with them arise, I take full advantage (and Reactin and Benadryl lol). At Boulder Cove they had 3 dogs on site and they were adorable and hilarious!

On a side note if you have bad allergies like me, I did bring my own pillow as the pillows in our cabin were feather and I am highly allergic to feathers…and trees, and pollen, and shellfish.. so pretty much everything lol.

Magnum or Knucklehead the Black Lab
Magnum or Knucklehead the Black Lab

This guy was magnum or knucklehead and he has such a sweet personality and LOVES to fetch anything, even in water.

Magnum Swimming at Cottage
Magnum Swimming at Cottage

Something else hilarious is Magnum love/hates squirrels. If you say SQUIRREL!!!! really loud and quick he freaks out and goes hunting for them; and if he sees one..get out of the way lol.


This guy was older and calm and sweet. He also had a butt dragging habit that cracked us up when he would slide or drag his butt down the hills. Apparently this is a habit and not a condition as he was at it again during our second visit a few months later. lol


This guy or girl.. I forget.. was Mercedes. My nephew Alex loved him. He was the quiet one of the bunch but so sweet and gentle.

All of the dogs were trained to not enter the cabins, they were all great with kids and very well behaved. They made the vacation so much better!

The location of the cottages and walking/bike trails were amazing as well. Bikes are provided free of charge and helmets. They had bikes for all ages, in the same room there was also many boardgames too!

Here are a few pictures of the trail.

Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages
Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages


Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages
Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages

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The fire pit and picnic table out front.


The whirlpool tub where I spent half my time lol. The bathroom had a tub, plus a stand up shower, Q-tips, shampoo, lotion, makeup pads, towels and face cloths and more in the laundry room. The laundry room is free to use but you need to bring soap! I pack the laundry sheets with the soap built in them.


That is Maddy’s hand feeding the chipmunks! The wildlife was everywhere at the cottage. There were loons, bald eagles, squirrels, frogs, and more I’m forgetting but one of my favorite was hearing the loons in the evening or morning.


The actual cottage was so well stocked I was amazed! This was one of the bedrooms. The bedrooms have 4 pillows, tons of blankets and an extra one in the closet, dresser and nightstands on both sides and Kleenex! Lol One room even had a magicbag.



The kitchen had everything! All cookware, utensils, cleaning things, baking sheets, toaster, coffee maker, bbq tools, roasting sticks for bonfire, tinfoil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, microwave, and too much to think of and list!


They had wireless internet and satellite TV as well, but honestly my goal was to spend time away from those things, but the kids enjoyed having it to use in the evenings.


Down by the dock they have canoes, kayaks, a rowboat and lifejackets to use. They even had fishing rods you could borrow! Many extras and no extra cost!

I loved this place it was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. The owner was awesome, very friendly and talkative. She lives on the property with the cabins so its comforting to know someone’s there if help is needed. Her daughter also became like another family member, Angelia and Maddy played together very well and we loved having her join in! Angelia came knocking on the door the minute we got there so Maddy was having a blast the entire time. The owner let Maddy play inside her house even! They played for hours at the playground area and play house.

Overall my review of Boulder Cove Cottages is, I would 100% recommend trying this place out!

Boulder Cove Cottages
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Phone: (902) 875-1542
Fax: (902) 875-1301

Allergies Suck! | My Pets, Pug, Hamster, Ducks, Fish and Cat

Living with allergies sucks! I wanted to share my story of living with allergies and how much it sucks and how difficult it can be. Other people in my situation, I feel for you and I do understand!

Growing up I was animal obsessed! I had cats, dogs, guinea pigs,  fish, hamster, turtles, and more that I probably cannot remember! I loved my animals, I loved them all immediately and cried when any of them passed away, even the fish, I am very soft hearted still! I love animals! Unfortunately, as I became older I was diagnosed with severe allergies to dogs and cats and most animals with dander. I was devastated, my mom had to then get rid of our family dog Hugs, and I then lost one more animal I loved in a very different way. We had to give Hugs up for adoption.  Today I am thankful that my mom was strong enough to make that decision for my health, but I knew she and my brother loved Hugs too.

As I got older I tried to fight allergies, my first animal was hamsters, they were soo adorable. This one was Buddy named after the movie Elf. This hamster was awesome, he was so gentle, and funny, I had him litter trained(yes you can litter train hamsters), he had tons of tubes and out posts to play in, and every treat you could imagine, he even got out each night to go for walks in his ball for hours. He was an awesome hamster! The down side, I was severely allergic to his pee. Made it difficult to breathe so scooping his litter every day was a must. There was even a mini litter scoop it was so cute. As time went on, I got ore hamsters and the allergies to them didn’t get better, they got worse. I kept them all until they passed and then no more hamsters, I remained pet free for a while after that.

This is a picture of Dora, she liked baskets and would rip my flowers out and stuff in, it was so cute lolDora and Carl the fish, they liked to hang out:)
I adopted a cat from the SPCA thinking buying a large HEPA filter and grooming the cat(took her to get baths each week) would allow me to have a pet again. Wrong, so wrong, I tired so hard to make life live-able with having a cat and severe allergies, and I was sick a lot while I owned Dora, my doctor could not figure out why I was sick all the time but I could not give her up and she was not super active so that helped and the breed(I went to the spca daily for a while and held one cat, then waited for a reaction, Dora was my lowest reaction). I loved her so much, it was difficult, I couldn’t pick her up and cuddle her like I did as a child with my pets, I couldn’t have her in my bed at night, I could barely have contact with her, it sucked, but she was not a super cuddly cat either so it helped. I’d give in some days and pick her up and cuddle her anyways, then pay for it later.  Dora passed away from illness a few years ago, one of the worst days of my life, she had been in and out of the kitty hospital and she needed a needle in her spine and a pill daily and it was almost impossible to get her to take them. She died in my arms, it was the saddest feeling ever.

After she passed I adopted this little guy:

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I crave having a pet back in my life, I miss it, but my heath takes a huge hit when I do. I do  visitation with my friends animals and that helps we have Frankie:
He was at a party and everyone was sitting on the floor, Frankie joined in, he’s ADORABLE <3

My newest pets are awesome, my outside ducks! I have tons of ducks in my yard that live here most of the time, and it is awesome, they are super tame and I am not allergic! Now if I could just get them to cuddle and sleep at the foot of my bed I’d be all set lol. They are not scared me of and the kids, and we all love them here is a video of Riley feeding them:
In all I have been having that craving lately, I miss having a pet, but I need to remind myself of the pets I can have, and how ill I become when I get pets I am allergic to. I will never stop loving cats and dogs, however, I know that my body limits my interaction with them. 🙁 🙁 🙁 But I am super thankful for ducks and wild birds and ll of the other animals I get to visit and see.

Thankfully I have an awesome family that understands and supports my limits. Thank you Mike, Maddy and Riley, if I was able to, I would have way too many cats and dogs, maybe someday when I can find an animal I am not allergic to so much we can get  pet together.

Also anyone with severe allergies to pets, please message me and let me know of any pets you react well too. Someday I want to own a dog or cat again.

Birds Nest, Bird Saving, Bird Feeders Homemade, Just a lot of info about BIRDS!

New! Birds Nest Necklace! I will be selling these shortly! The eggs will be able to be different colors if you choose, what do you think? Cute eh?

Now this is an interesting story, my step-daughter and myself are the early birds, so we are usually up before the boys either watching tv, or baking or even cleaning. Maddy is always wanting to help me with anything I am doing <3. That morning Maddy asked me to go feed our live in ducks(they never leave our pond/yard here’s a youtube video of Riley Feeding them, I say sure, and about 2 min later she comes running in saying there is  a bird trapped in our garage she thinks, so  of course I grab my camera and run outside in my PJ’s and found this guy:

He was frantically trying to get out, slamming into the windows, even the doggie door(which is how I figure he got into the shed).  We had opened the big garage door at this point and were trying to shoo him out and he just couldn’t figure out which way to fly. I can imagine he was a tad scared considering the two huge monsters that just came in(lol ) so Maddy steps up to the plate, walks over to the window, pets the bird, takes two hands, scoops him up and lets him go out the garage door, it was almost like a Disney movie lol Maddy was freaking about it, and honestly, so was I. They say the early bird catches the worm, well in this case, the early risers catch the birds hehe.
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Also as a side project this fall, we decided to make pinecone bird feeders, I think this one was Mike’s idea.

To make these just melt a bit of peanut butter and roll in bird seed, note, tie the string on first! 🙂

Lockeport Beach, Nova Scotia | Quahogs & Sand Dollars | Vacation Fall 2011

Over vacation we took the kids to Lockeport beach! Luckily one of my nephews happened to be at my fathers house and we were able to take him too! The boys went beach combing and Maddy, wading while we strolled the entire beach. It was just after hurricane Irene. The beach was full of seaweed, shells, quahogs, sand dollars, even better the seagulls would find them and drop them on the beach to crack them open and the boys were chasing the seagulls away to take the scallop out of them:) Although nobody managed to catch a seagull(thankully cause I think they would have tired to cook it and eat it lol) they did grab 3 quahogs they dropped:)

Riley ducking out of the picture, but I got half of him! 🙂 Beach was beautiful!

The Crescent Beach visitor center in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. 🙂

 Above is a picture of the crevasses in a pile of rocks on the beach that I used to spend hours searching when I was a child with my brother, I found many crabs, sea urchins, snails, shells etc, it was just  cool spot to explore! My mom would bring us here, or my grandparents and playing in the rock was the favorite thing to do until we slipped and fell, or started fighting lol . But this rock, is actually one of my favorite childhood beach memories!
My nephew and his dead crab… not my choice of a cool find, but the boys liked him! lol Had to have a picture of course. <3

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Alex also gave e something really cool I will be using in future jewelry photography pictures:

It’s really rare to find a sea urchin shell intact too! Thanks Alex, you have a big heart! 🙂

Scott  – W.G Acker 14-10-11 , So what does this mean? This picture was taken in August of 2011, so not sure who put it there or why, but thought I would post it and see if someone would tell me!