Sunflowers and Corn Maze at Noggins Farm in NS

A few summers ago me and Mike headed to the valley to go to Noggins Farm and corn maze. I had heard about it for a while but never went.  What they do is take a huge corn field and cut a large maze in it.

This is an areal view of the maze from


As you can see the maze is HUGE!!


This was a view from the flower and herb garden at Noggins. You are able to pick your own apples at certain times, herbs and some flowers.
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These sunflower were so pretty, fluffy almost.


Bees were in abundance at the farm.

Once in the maze it was hot and hard! Once we got about halfway through and we had to pee lol so we didn’t get too far. Overall I would love to go again with the kids and work our way through the maze. I love the valley in general, driving by the huge garden and corn fields and apple orchards.

Christmas Scent Jars | Homemade Christmas Gifts | Non Allergenic House Fragrance Hypoallergenic

With allergies I cannot buy many scented candles, air fresheners, or room sprays so I have found a great alternative! Stove boiled house freshener! Sliced lemons, limes and oranges and spices. Below is a Christmas scent jar, it smells awesome. I received this as a gift from a friend at work.

Christmas Scent Jar
Christmas Scent Jar

Ingredients in Scent Jar

1 tablespoon of cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
3-5 bay leaves
2-3 Lime Slices
2-3 Lemon Slices
2-3 orange slices


1. Slice your fruit
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3. Put all ingredients in a mason jar.
4. Fill jar with water.
5. Seal jar and keep in fridge till use.

Usage Instructions

1. Pour contents in a pot.
2. Simmer on low heat and keep adding water as needed.

Dehydrated Christmas Scent Bags
Dehydrated Christmas Scent Bags

What I have been making lately! This stamped washer sells for $10.00 and can have anything that will fit stamped on it!


Culloden Digby NS | Mill Road Trail Acaciaville Inukshuk

For Mike’s birthday I decided to go up to Digby to spend it with him. As I left Yarmouth it was a wet dreary day, as I got closer to Digby, it turned out to be a beautiful evening. Mike actually bought me a sandwich and coffee(noting it was his birthday, hes too sweet:) and we went for a drive to explore. Our first stop was to the wharf to see if we could fish a bit. Unfortunately it was not the right time, so we went to Culloden in Digby County Nova Scotia.. All I can say is wow, it was beautiful there! Here is my beautiful boyfriend.. well maybe handsome is a better word lol, but here he is checking out the rocks and crevasses. It was beyond peaceful there, the water was calm like being on a lake!

After looking around here for a while, me and Mike took off and he took me to a trail in the middle on nowhere’s. This trail is apparently called Mill Road Trail in Acaciaville, the trail is not maintained but it’s absolutely stunning! Be careful on the boardwalks they are tipsy! lol But the trail was beautiful! Here are some of the pics I took! 🙂

The place was beautiful! This flower Mike called a wax flower, because it does feel like wax! commonly called Ghost PlantIndian Pipe, or Corpse Plant. It is apparently a really rare plant, I am a curious person, I want to see what do people use it for, what is it used for? Here is what I found:)

“Monotropa uniflora as a safe remedy for children suffering from epilepsy, lockjaw, or other spasmodic conditions.

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The root is known to be a tonic, sedative, nervine, and antispasmodic. It has also been used in fevers, as a sedative and diaphoretic. The powdered root can be given in instances of restlessness, pains, nervous irritability, etc., as a substitute for opium, without any deleterious influences. In convulsions of children, epilepsy, chorea, and other spasmodic affections, its administration has been followed with prompt success; hence its common name Fit or Convulsion root. The juice of the plant is often combined with rose water as an excellent application to inflammation of the eyes, to ulcers, and to inflammation and ulceration of the bladder.

Interesting I think, especially the substitute for opium part lol!


Farmers Market Yarmouth NS|Local Yarmouth Produce and Baked Goods

I LOVE the new location(down by the colony in Yarmouth NS) and look of the Yarmouth Farmers Market! I love handmade items, and fresh produce and fresh baked goods. My favorite thing at the Yarmouth Market: Fresh peas in the pod,  pizza scones(by Natalie Landry) are amazing, Mike loves the fresh soft pretzles and my new favorite the crepes!  There is so so much more at the market then just food! There are knitted goods, wood work, wine, and much more!

PS TRY THE SCONES. They are worth every penny!

Here are some pictures I took the last weekend I was there:
This is the view as you walk into the market, such a beautiful description of a community market in painting format! LOVE this.

This is one of my favorite bakers at the market! This is Sue Morely, her and her husband make a lot of English baked goods, pies, cakes, gluten free and sugar free items. They are all just awesome, I have tried many of them!

These are Carino Confections homemade chocolates. They are absolutely delicious! My favorite is the caramel and nut patties!

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Fresh Crepes! Yep! These are also awesome, fresh crepes made to order with fresh fruit and creme, YUM.  Another of my favorites at the market. Just to show the inside of this building, notice the stone walls, I love the building!

I love the look of this booth, fresh veggies and wood, Bully Goth Farm is one of the many veggie stands at the market!

Is this a boot, made into a bird house you ask? YEP! I thought this was such a cool idea. I love anything that is reusing items or turning what some would call garbage into THIS. Awesome! A boot birdhouse. Love it!

Overall I love the market, to any vendor I didn’t get images of, don’t feel left out, I took a lot of pictures that didn’t come out! The market is again this Saturday right beside the Rodd Colony Hotel. It does not cost to get into the market!

PS: if anyone has the contact info for any of the vendor mentioned, please let me know and I will update it!