Historical Acadian Village in Pubnico, NS

The past few summers we have went to the Historical Acadian Village. The village is run by workers that demonstrate how things were done in the old days. There is a working forge, animals, walking trails and so much more. Each time I have visited it was a totally different experience and awesome.

The Villages Contact Information
Local Phone Number: 1-902-762-2530
Toll Free Number: 1-888-381-8999

This is the entrance to the village.


Out front of the village is a carved statue of Baron Philippe Mius d’Entremont. It was carved by my brother, James Mackay.



The forge was going the first time during my visit, he made us a nail to take home. It was amazing to see how they were made and the man running it was so informative and friendly. There are many old tools in this shop. Ask questions they are all very knowledgeable in history. This place should be a school field trip!


This is the chicken coop, made the old way. The branches weaved to make the outside pen, very cool and cheap chicken pen!


Mrs. Chicken



The beginning of a dory, the workers make this over the summer using only hand tools. The young man at this spot was also very informative. Many old tools and baskets.

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Pigs at the farm, they will eat anything including your fingers! Lol


Salt fish drying, kids loved this..and maybe tested it. The salt fish building smells fishy but its interesting to see how they did it.


Inside one of the houses at the village. I loved hearing about the items in the house. The ladies in the houses bake cookies in a wood burning oven and give them to visitors. They also bake the staff members lunch each day using older methods. I didn’t get a picture of the gardens, but they grow and tend vegetable gardens and use those vegetables in the meals they cook. The ladies do everything, knitting, cooking, baking, and making preserves. They are also quick to stop and talk about the older items in the house. I love the old kitchen stoves and the kitchen gadgets.


This was one of the new places I saw this past year. The ladies were working on an entirely hand stitched quilt and they let you help and teach you how. Considering I love quilts, for me, this was awesome. The lady helping me was so patient and helpful and knowledgeable about other areas of the village. She answered many of my questions!


This guy was weaving nets down by the wharf and talking about all the old fishery methods and tools. This guy was really interesting to talk to and kind. They also gave us a old fashioned lobster claw pin!


Maddy feeding one of the cows at the village, I think there are 2 there.

Over all I enjoy myself every time I go. There is usually something a little different each time, I know friends have had their kids do laundry the old fashioned way, they have kite flying events, a rhubarb festival, teddy bear picnic day, scavenger hunt events and so much more.

If you can enjoy learning and nature and walking a bit…this is a great place to bring the family for a day trip. They even have a cafeteria on location for lunches and drinks and they are not insanely over priced. There is a cost to get in the village, but it’s worth it.

Admission Rates
Adult $6.00
Children $2.00
Family $14.00

Events Calendar: https://levillage.novascotia.ca/events

Birds Nest, Bird Saving, Bird Feeders Homemade, Just a lot of info about BIRDS!

New! Birds Nest Necklace! I will be selling these shortly! The eggs will be able to be different colors if you choose, what do you think? Cute eh?

Now this is an interesting story, my step-daughter and myself are the early birds, so we are usually up before the boys either watching tv, or baking or even cleaning. Maddy is always wanting to help me with anything I am doing <3. That morning Maddy asked me to go feed our live in ducks(they never leave our pond/yard here’s a youtube video of Riley Feeding them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4hwbQKHFNQ), I say sure, and about 2 min later she comes running in saying there is  a bird trapped in our garage she thinks, so  of course I grab my camera and run outside in my PJ’s and found this guy:

He was frantically trying to get out, slamming into the windows, even the doggie door(which is how I figure he got into the shed).  We had opened the big garage door at this point and were trying to shoo him out and he just couldn’t figure out which way to fly. I can imagine he was a tad scared considering the two huge monsters that just came in(lol ) so Maddy steps up to the plate, walks over to the window, pets the bird, takes two hands, scoops him up and lets him go out the garage door, it was almost like a Disney movie lol Maddy was freaking about it, and honestly, so was I. They say the early bird catches the worm, well in this case, the early risers catch the birds hehe.
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Also as a side project this fall, we decided to make pinecone bird feeders, I think this one was Mike’s idea.

To make these just melt a bit of peanut butter and roll in bird seed, note, tie the string on first! 🙂

Easy Corn Chowder Recipe

I am starting to enjoy cooking! I had some leftover ham and I have been looking for ways to use my garden potatoes a bit more that I harvested earlier in the week, so I am trying out recipes a few times until I get it just right.  I think is awesome and this is one of those recipes I have perfected to my taste! I have made corn chowder with bacon, chowder with ham, and plain corn chowder and this recipe is by far my favorite and surprisingly quick to make!

Corn Chowder basic recipe:
4-6 Potatoes peeled and cubed
1 onion chopped
1 can of condensed milk
1 large can of creme corn(or 2 small cans)
1 cup of cubed cooked ham(optional)(not the kind from a can, real ham or slices)
salt and pepper

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1.Directions, put onion and potatoes in a large pot and cover with water by an inch and cook until potatoes are tender! (keep water on them, it’s ok if it boils down a bit but keep enough on so the can cook, not too much)

2. If adding ham add it for a few minutes before the potatoes are done to heat it up.

3. turn heat down to the LOWEST setting like 1 or below, just to almost keep it warm, and add the corn and can of milk and stir. You can eat it right away or you can wait for it all to heat up a bit more. Simple corn chowder recipe!
I did also make bacon corn chowder before, however, it was not nearly as good, maybe if I had sprinkled the bacon on after, I found the bacon had no taste when added to the chowder, ham is 100% better.

Squash Growing In Trees | Potatoe harvest | Stray Cat

Over my last vacation, me and Mike decided to go out one morning and harvest. hehe, to me this sounds odd as a while ago I wouldn’t have understood the word harvest, let alone have a garden, and be up early harvesting potatoes and carrots! While out working, our neighbourhood cat we call Maru, came over to inspect, and decided to lay down in the garden and watch and play and toss around the baby green potatoes that we threw to him:) In the pic below I guess he decided to pose for us hehehe 🙂

Here are the potatoes we harvested!
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See the squash up there, it was almost full grown, here is the end product:
My squash had fuzz!

Bumble Bee’s, Sedum Spectabile & Sunflowers

My brother used to plant sunflowers each year and I loved them, they grew huge and he would save the seeds and feed them to the birds, I thought they were the coolest things ever! So this year when planting the garden I decided to go ahead and attempt growing sunflowers, wow was it ever easier then I expected, although I should have known that as from bird seed last year a mini sunflower grew!

Here are some pictures of the sunflowers so far!

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And Mike split up his sedum flowers (Spectabile  Version) and  brought them down and planted them in the spring and they are just starting to turn pink, I love these flowers they are mega cute 🙂 And wow did they ever take off really well!  They feel rubbery and they are almost impossible to kill! Which is great for me I forgot to water them all summer lol.