Farmers Market Yarmouth NS|Local Yarmouth Produce and Baked Goods

I LOVE the new location(down by the colony in Yarmouth NS) and look of the Yarmouth Farmers Market! I love handmade items, and fresh produce and fresh baked goods. My favorite thing at the Yarmouth Market: Fresh peas in the pod,  pizza scones(by Natalie Landry) are amazing, Mike loves the fresh soft pretzles and my new favorite the crepes!  There is so so much more at the market then just food! There are knitted goods, wood work, wine, and much more!

PS TRY THE SCONES. They are worth every penny!

Here are some pictures I took the last weekend I was there:
This is the view as you walk into the market, such a beautiful description of a community market in painting format! LOVE this.

This is one of my favorite bakers at the market! This is Sue Morely, her and her husband make a lot of English baked goods, pies, cakes, gluten free and sugar free items. They are all just awesome, I have tried many of them!

These are Carino Confections homemade chocolates. They are absolutely delicious! My favorite is the caramel and nut patties!

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Fresh Crepes! Yep! These are also awesome, fresh crepes made to order with fresh fruit and creme, YUM.  Another of my favorites at the market. Just to show the inside of this building, notice the stone walls, I love the building!

I love the look of this booth, fresh veggies and wood, Bully Goth Farm is one of the many veggie stands at the market!

Is this a boot, made into a bird house you ask? YEP! I thought this was such a cool idea. I love anything that is reusing items or turning what some would call garbage into THIS. Awesome! A boot birdhouse. Love it!

Overall I love the market, to any vendor I didn’t get images of, don’t feel left out, I took a lot of pictures that didn’t come out! The market is again this Saturday right beside the Rodd Colony Hotel. It does not cost to get into the market!

PS: if anyone has the contact info for any of the vendor mentioned, please let me know and I will update it!

My First Vegetable Garden Progress Pictures

Tell me a few years ago I would love having a vegetable garden and I would have laughed at you!  Apparently I have awesome soil cause my veggies are going nuts! So far I have tested out the potatoes, carrots, beets and beet greens, cucumber(only got one) and peas! Boy did I learn a lot from my first garden.

 Vegetable Garden Yarmouth NS

It`s now 2 months later and here are some of the recent pics, especially the blossoms:

Cucumber Flower Blossom
Cucumber Flower Blossom
Green Pepper Flower Blossom
Green Pepper Flower Blossom
Pea Blossom Flowering Baby Pea
Pea Blossom Flowering

Squash Plant Crawling
Squash Plant Crawling

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So here are my First Time Gardening lessons learned so far:
1. Don’t try and stuff everything into your garden, space thing apart  more.
2. When planting, plant items more uniform, I just tossed handful’s of seeds in, not the best idea.
3. Peas need a sturdy tall support, too short and wind might destroy your peas.
4. Squash should be planted separately! This year it choked out my onions.
5. I will not plant a whole row of onions next year, it was a waste of space!
6. I will get a cheap fence, I didn’t think I had much to work about as I live in a pretty populated area, lol well a dog liked playing in my garden too, so yep fence!
7. Grow more beets! lol that’s about it.
8. next year I will plant tomatoes to make Chow Chow:)

Beet Greens and Garden Update! Youtube Gardener Praxxus55712!

I love seeing what’s coming out of my garden over the last few months. Here are some pics of the growing progress!

Me and my friend Holly ate the beet greens, they were awesome! Cucumber is still growing! 🙂

Once I can get a new camera, I will be posting video updates like… This guy is a great gardner, I love watching his videos for ideas and unique things to try. He even gave me a recipe for compost tea!

Compost tea if you have not Compost!
2 cups of used coffee grounds
half a bucket of grass clippings
Add water and let it sit for 2 days!
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I am now testing this tea out, so far I am not sure on the results but I will update!

Next food experiment is!!! Radish Leaf Pesto! That could be interesting! I am growing radishes and I have a bucket full of radish tops!!

On another note, today I am thankful I live in an area that allows me to have a garden on my own property!
I think it’s rediclious that a city is against someone having raised beds or a vegetable garden. The fact that they are fighting this… what a waste of the cities time and money!

I didn’t use it properly,  I let it sit too long and when I went to dump it out, it smelled like liquid poo. YUCK, great for the garden but, not for your nose lol

Make Your Own Free Air Conditioner – Going Green!

Make your own free air conditioner in the time it takes a can of water to freeze!
I am cheap and I really wanted an air conditioner for my bedroom however, the cost was a tad too high. So I looked online and saw some suggestions on how to make a cheap air conditioner, but I like free better.  (free if you have these items)

1 fan
10-20 popcans
Cookie sheet or tray with a lip

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1. Fill the pop can with water about 2/3rds full, set cans in freezer. NOTE: Do not fill the cans too full and they will crack when frozen. Also I tried with as little as 6 and it worked fine!
2. When the cans are frozen, set them in front of the fan as shown on a cookie sheet to catch the condensation!
3. Turn the fan on! Voila!

It’s not going to cool down an entire room(I don’t think but let me know) but it will cool you down , I use this in my bedroom at night! Works great to give you that cool breeze for bed when  it is just too hot out!

 This picture shows the set up, The green boxes are a shelf, black dots are cans:)

Clothes Drying on Line Outside | Indoors clothes drying | Green Dryer

Until about  a year ago, I never hung clothes out to dry.  I figured I’d get bugs on my clothes, pollen, bird poop, so I used the dryer. Mike convinced me to hang clothes out and put my clothes line back up. Now I love hanging clothes out to dry, the smell is soooo much nicer then the dryer, the fees, especially for sheets is much nicer, I love hanging laundry. 🙂

When I am looking to write about hanging clothes out I saw alot of people looking for eco-friendly clothes drying solutions for inside the house if you do not have a dryer and it winter!

Indoors Clothes Drying Options:
• Curtain Rod Clothes Drying – Use tension style shower curtain rod. My tub has walls on 3 sides. I have a rod in the usual place for the curtain, then a second rod a foot or so higher, but lined up over the centre of the tub. Garments are hung on hangers & can be hidden by the curtain. Another bonus, you don’t need to put it away & it takes up no space.
• Winter outside clothes drying – You can hang your clothes on a clothes line outdoors even if its freezing. Your clothes will freeze solid on the line, but they WILL dry! Dry winter air can pull the moisture right out of the clothing regardless of the temperature.
• Wooden Clothes Drying Rack – Purchase a accordian style wooden clothes dryer-you can put up and take down as needed.
• Space Heater Clothes Dryer – get a space heater and hang up your clothes around a room… (NONE ON THE HEATER!!!) they should dry over night.
• Refridgerator Clothes Drying – This idea may work depending on how you place your refridgerator if you have some space beside your fridge, it might be the best spot for indoor drying!
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• My favorite Dehumidifer Clothes Drying – Yes – get a dehumidifier! These work great for laundry purposes. Set it up in your washroom, and then hang your wet clothes up in there, and let it do its thing. It works! It’s not as fast as a dryer of course, but it definitely speeds things way up!
• IRON THEM. Best part of if you have to wear them asap, their nice & warm, especially if it winter, it feel so warm!!
• Use a heated towel rail!