Lockeport Beach, Nova Scotia | Quahogs & Sand Dollars | Vacation Fall 2011

Over vacation we took the kids to Lockeport beach! Luckily one of my nephews happened to be at my fathers house and we were able to take him too! The boys went beach combing and Maddy, wading while we strolled the entire beach. It was just after hurricane Irene. The beach was full of seaweed, shells, quahogs, sand dollars, even better the seagulls would find them and drop them on the beach to crack them open and the boys were chasing the seagulls away to take the scallop out of them:) Although nobody managed to catch a seagull(thankully cause I think they would have tired to cook it and eat it lol) they did grab 3 quahogs they dropped:)

Riley ducking out of the picture, but I got half of him! 🙂 Beach was beautiful!

The Crescent Beach visitor center in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. 🙂

 Above is a picture of the crevasses in a pile of rocks on the beach that I used to spend hours searching when I was a child with my brother, I found many crabs, sea urchins, snails, shells etc, it was just  cool spot to explore! My mom would bring us here, or my grandparents and playing in the rock was the favorite thing to do until we slipped and fell, or started fighting lol . But this rock, is actually one of my favorite childhood beach memories!
My nephew and his dead crab… not my choice of a cool find, but the boys liked him! lol Had to have a picture of course. <3

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Alex also gave e something really cool I will be using in future jewelry photography pictures:

It’s really rare to find a sea urchin shell intact too! Thanks Alex, you have a big heart! 🙂

Scott  – W.G Acker 14-10-11 , So what does this mean? This picture was taken in August of 2011, so not sure who put it there or why, but thought I would post it and see if someone would tell me!

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  1. Really great blog! When I was a kid I was at some beach, I can’t remember which one. I was bored and over turning rocks and little crabs scuttled away to find new hiding spots.

    My friend and I are hoping to do a summer discovery beach trips over the summer. She wants to find sand dollars, I want to find crabs and anything else. Looks like a fun day trip to check this place out.

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