Squash Growing In Trees | Potatoe harvest | Stray Cat

Over my last vacation, me and Mike decided to go out one morning and harvest. hehe, to me this sounds odd as a while ago I wouldn’t have understood the word harvest, let alone have a garden, and be up early harvesting potatoes and carrots! While out working, our neighbourhood cat we call Maru, came over to inspect, and decided to lay down in the garden and watch and play and toss around the baby green potatoes that we threw to him:) In the pic below I guess he decided to pose for us hehehe 🙂

Here are the potatoes we harvested!
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See the squash up there, it was almost full grown, here is the end product:
My squash had fuzz!

Vacation 2011 Fishing in Shelburne, Nova Scotia|Blue Island Sheep

This year I took my vacation/ Birthday and spent it in my home town of Shelburne, NS. We travelled all over, Lockeport, Green Harbor, Barrington, Clarks Harbor, Cape Sable Island and many more little towns I cannot think of.

This picture is of me and Mike at a relatives house, they traded my brother for some rocks he had and made this pretty cool statue of a fisherman! I loved it! I want one on my lawn now! This would also make an awesome geocache!

On my birthday, July 2nd, Mike and the kids came to spend the night at my fathers in Shelburne, NS.  My Dad and my Step Mom are awesome, Flo (my step mom’s nickname)decorated the house with balloons, made us supper(it was not even burnt hehe) and a cake!  Later they arranged for friends of theirs, Jackie and Stew (I think that’s the spelling) to take us all out on a lobster boat fishing and touring islands off Southern Nova Scotia. I hadn’t been on a boat in years (since I was 7 or 8 ) so I was excited. We saw seals, jellyfish, pollock, mackerel, Blue Island where my great grandparents were married, which now it’s only habitant is sheep! It was the perfect night, beautiful weather and everyone had fun. This is the only picture I managed to get of the sheep:

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Here is a pic of her mackerel(or pollock im not sure), and the tons of scales on her hands from handling the fish!

The fishing boat trip was the highlight of my vacation. My family was there, and some amazing new friends. It was awesome. My next task is to make Jackie a bracelet to thank them for the boat trip and mackerel!

Guest post maddy | Maru the Cat that lives in our garage!

I was reading this blog, http://twentytwopleasant.blogspot.com/ and loved the concept of a guest post, so I decided to let Maddy make a post. Maru, we now know named as Hobo, is welcome at our house anytime, we even cleared out the doggie door in the garage so he can come in and out as he pleases, and he does!

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My name is maddy ,maru is chewing on the camera cord.maru brought us breakfast 3 or 4 birds.how we met maru well he lives next door.one day he came over when we were outside he rubbed up against us and he came the next day and he kept on coming every day. Well we think maru is cute because I don’t know he is cute. When we are  outside he comes over when we want to go in he goes in the garage. because we made a bed for him.”

Baby Yellow Duck!

So the other day me and Mike were outside playing in the garden and feeding the ducks and up from our back pond comes a little baby duck! My first comment was, “oh look Sweetie, the duck adopted a baby chicken”, lol. I was tired, and I had never seen a duck this young before but MAN he’s a cutie!

Mother and Baby Duck Yellow Fuzzy CuteI just want to pick him up and hold him, but, some sad news today. I was looking out my window last night and I saw the neighborhood cat carrying this little yellow ball of cuteness in his mouth:( I couldn’t get outside in time but thankfully my neighbor (who I now know as The cat’s owner) saved the little duck and put the cat inside. I totally get it’s natural instinct for the cat and I don’t blame him, to him the ducking is his caviar! lol But still! The duckling was alone for a while in the pond, and I am considering catching it, and feeding it, the mother is no where’s in sight. I do not know if the baby duck is still around, but if it is! I want to keep him!

I did a bit of research on keeping a baby duck and here is what I have found:

  1. Provide a heat lamp in an area with enough room for the duckling to move away from the heat if needed. New ducklings need a temperature of 85 to 90 F. with the temperature lowered 5 degrees each week. You’ll have to guess at its age.
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  3.  If a ‘duck and goose’ starter feed isn’t available then the duckling can have ‘unmedicated’ chick starter with some brewer’s yeast added (to meet a duckling’s need for extra niacin). A ‘grower’ feed would also suffice since the starter should only be used for the first 2-3 weeks.
  4. Ducklings also need greens–chopped tender grass, dandelions, clover, cabbage, lettuce, etc. Also provide some fine grit.
  5. Some pine wood shavings for bedding
  6. You probably don’t want to hear this but, a lone duck is an unhappy someone had suggested to put a mirror in with them.  

A few other suggestions were getting duck diapers and feeding them eggs, I think I’ll pass on those 2 for now! lol