Shipping Worldwide!

Worldwide Shipping- It’s starting to surprise me the countries that visit my site, and order. My top ten countries visiting this month are Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, Greece, Romania, Philippines, Australia and Lithuania. Welcome world to my store and YES I ship to you! 🙂 Highlighted in pink are the places I have shipped to!

Geocaching Pam’s Gift series

 Geocaching- Me and Mike spent the day doing a park and grab series of geocaches,  I am 99% sure the road was made for logging trucks and not my little toyota, however we kept trucking! Mike had to get out of the car and move a few rocks or boulders lol. This picture was taken on the Curry Rd. in Yarmouth NS at the end of our list of caches, it was beautiful. Awesome day 🙂Curry Road Yarmouth NS Geocaching Pam's Gift series