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Pumpkin Seed Ornaments | Handmade Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago my relative gave my mom a christmas ornament made of seeds, they were the cutest thing ever! Now about 10 years later, I decided to remake them for Christmas gifts this year, I would have posted … Continue reading

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Autumn Spiced Buttery Caramels | Homemade Caramels | Valentines Day Gift

A few years ago I had some Autumn Spiced caramels from a store on etsy, there were autumn spiced with a fall, Christmas type flavor. After about 5 tries I got this recipe and it is AWESOME. Here are the instructions I use … Continue reading

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Tortilla Recipe Homemade | Whole Wheat Tortilla Healthy

I love saving money and trying new things, attempted tortillas today, a healthy whole wheat tortilla and they turned out great!  I will never but tortillas again, it was super simple to make them! I am pretty sure you could … Continue reading

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Birds Nest, Bird Saving, Bird Feeders Homemade, Just a lot of info about BIRDS!

New! Birds Nest Necklace! I will be selling these shortly! The eggs will be able to be different colors if you choose, what do you think? Cute eh? Now this is an interesting story, my step-daughter and myself are the … Continue reading

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Small Batch Sweet Mustard Pickles | Mustard Stain Removal Counter top :)

First time making pickles Mistakes! So for the first time ever, I made some Sweet Mustard Pickles!!!!!  This was my first time canning and boy, did I ever learn a lot! My biggest lessons: 1. A canning funnel is a … Continue reading

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