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Christmas Carrot Pudding and Hard Sauce | Steamed Pudding

Steamed Carrot Pudding Recipe Carrot pudding was a traditional Christmas dessert at my house growing up in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. My grandmother Elsie Mackay, used to get me to help her make this, it was a big project and the … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Crisp Recipe, Rhubarb Only Recipe

My dad gave me a rhubarb plant before he passed away.  I never actually cooked anything with it until today! Its grown like crazy every year, huge leafs and tons of rhubarb. Normally I do not like rhubarb as it … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned White Bread Recipe Dense for Kitchenaid

Old fashioned white bread recipe by my grandmother Elsie Mackay. You can tell she used this recipe very well! I have never made homemade white bread until recently and the purchase of my Kitchenaid mixer. I halved my grandmother’s recipe to make … Continue reading

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Stew and Doughboys Recipe by Mom

I have been playing with the doughboy recipe for quite some time now and I think I have finally perfected it! I was home sick one day and decided that my comfort food, while I was sick was going to … Continue reading

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Donair Meat and Sauce Recipe | Donair Recipe Ground Beef

This is a Donair Recipe made with lean ground beef. I have been making my own donair meat and sauce for a while now,  and this recipe is now perfect for my tastes. I originally obtained this recipe from and … Continue reading

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