St. Bernards Church Stone| Gilberts Cove Lighthouse Digby, NS

Over our vacation with the kids, we travelled all over Southern Nova Scotia. On a day trip to Digby we stopped along the way to a few tourist spots we have never been. Pictured here is the view of the cove at Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse. It’s a tiny lighthouse, but there are many areas surrounding to explore, we took a walk down to the beaches to see what we could find. Maddy wanted to bring home half the rocks there 🙂 hehe, and tons of rock for skipping.

Our next stop was along the french shore, I have driven past these churches so many times, yet I have never taken the time to stop in and look at the inside, also online I can find tons of pictures of the outside of St. Bernard Church, like this awesome one:

The outside looks like a massive castle (castle in Nova Scotia? yep!) compared to the houses by it and the inside  is just stunning, like Mike has said, when you walk in, you can feel god there.  There is a greeter at the door who was very pleasant, and allowed us to walk around, I was not sure if I was suspose to take pictures there but nothing was said. Shown here in the back is the pipe organ that they play every Sunday. I am going to go to this church some Sunday to hear that, I think with ceiling that high, the acoustics would be unbelieveable.

Wouldn’t want to be the one to paint these ceilings lol. BEAUTIFUL Church. This for me, is by far the most beautiful church in Nova Scotia

I will say I am not highly religious, I think all religions have their great points and value, I just have never choosen a set one. I am a church bouncer! lol That sounds terrible, but I like experiencing new things:)

Beet Greens and Garden Update! Youtube Gardener Praxxus55712!

I love seeing what’s coming out of my garden over the last few months. Here are some pics of the growing progress!

Me and my friend Holly ate the beet greens, they were awesome! Cucumber is still growing! 🙂

Once I can get a new camera, I will be posting video updates like… This guy is a great gardner, I love watching his videos for ideas and unique things to try. He even gave me a recipe for compost tea!

Compost tea if you have not Compost!
2 cups of used coffee grounds
half a bucket of grass clippings
Add water and let it sit for 2 days!

I am now testing this tea out, so far I am not sure on the results but I will update!

Next food experiment is!!! Radish Leaf Pesto! That could be interesting! I am growing radishes and I have a bucket full of radish tops!!

On another note, today I am thankful I live in an area that allows me to have a garden on my own property!
I think it’s rediclious that a city is against someone having raised beds or a vegetable garden. The fact that they are fighting this… what a waste of the cities time and money!

I didn’t use it properly,  I let it sit too long and when I went to dump it out, it smelled like liquid poo. YUCK, great for the garden but, not for your nose lol

Hawk Beach | Cape Island & Clarks Harbour | Southern Tip Nova Scotia

This picture is of Hawk Beach in Cape Island, Nova Scotia! It is the longest beach in Nova Scotia that I have seen so far in my 30 years here!  There are little islands to explore off this beach, that may or may not contain geocaches! Super white sand and beautful clear water… I want to be there right now and not writing this post lol. After talking to my Cape Islander friends at work, I now learn that this is also the site of the drowned forest. Me and Mike actually were looking for this Drowned Forest and now I learn we were right there, it was just under water! Cool!

Same beach, different angle. This beach was beautiful, some people had a camper parked there staying over night, I was jealous! lol I think they are in my picture oops! Hi campers!

This is a picture of the entrace of SandHills Park/Beach in Barrington, NS. I went to this beach many times as a kid with my mom and my aunt Susan.  Brought back many memories returning here for the first time in over 10 – 15 years! Beautiful spot for picnics, beach is awesome because it’s shallow for a long time before a drop off! Warms the water a bit more and great for the little ones learning to swim!

On our travels we went down through Clarks Harbor, NS. This was a pretty cool stone church! Mike took this photo:)

Photo by Mike Newell
Photo by Mike Newell
Land - N -Sea Restaurant (902) 637-3857 3723 Hwy 3, Barrington, NS B0W 1G0

 After our long day of travels and beaches, we stopped at a restaurant in Barrington, Land N Sea. The food was absolutely amazing. A few years ago I figured out I was allergic to shellfish, but lately with taking allergy pills, I have been trying more. I had clams and haddock, the clams were melt in your mouth awesome! I love this place and a prices were unbelieveable and the portions were huge. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the food but I forgot! The inside was nice and clean however and I did get a picture of that:

Karma Story!
Also something to make you smile, while at this restaurant there was a couple of obvious tourists(obvious due to the hats full of pins and I could hear them chatting about travel) sitting near us, they were just finishing their meal and the waiter came over to ask them if they wanted desert. They politely said no, told the waiter how lovely the meal was and asked for their bill. That waitress informed them that another customer, a lady,  that was sitting alone in the corner, paid for their entire meal and they don’t get a bill! The lady was totally shocked and almost crying, as I think I would have. HOW SWEET is that. I guess the lady that paid for the meal was from the United States here visiting and just wanted to give the tourists a present. The couple told the waitress to thank her when she comes in again, the waitress told her, she’s never seen her before and no doubt will not again! Wow is all I could say over hearing. 

I am a firm believer in Karma, I hope that someone does soemthing awesome for that lady!

What are your Karma stories?

Vacation 2011 Fishing in Shelburne, Nova Scotia|Blue Island Sheep

This year I took my vacation/ Birthday and spent it in my home town of Shelburne, NS. We travelled all over, Lockeport, Green Harbor, Barrington, Clarks Harbor, Cape Sable Island and many more little towns I cannot think of.

This picture is of me and Mike at a relatives house, they traded my brother for some rocks he had and made this pretty cool statue of a fisherman! I loved it! I want one on my lawn now! This would also make an awesome geocache!

On my birthday, July 2nd, Mike and the kids came to spend the night at my fathers in Shelburne, NS.  My Dad and my Step Mom are awesome, Flo (my step mom’s nickname)decorated the house with balloons, made us supper(it was not even burnt hehe) and a cake!  Later they arranged for friends of theirs, Jackie and Stew (I think that’s the spelling) to take us all out on a lobster boat fishing and touring islands off Southern Nova Scotia. I hadn’t been on a boat in years (since I was 7 or 8 ) so I was excited. We saw seals, jellyfish, pollock, mackerel, Blue Island where my great grandparents were married, which now it’s only habitant is sheep! It was the perfect night, beautiful weather and everyone had fun. This is the only picture I managed to get of the sheep:

Maddy who is our youngest, was loving touching the fish. Most girls (like me) would be ewe, but she counted them, picked them up and even caught some! Riley also caught the first fish! He’s such a good fisherman! 🙂
Here is a pic of her mackerel(or pollock im not sure), and the tons of scales on her hands from handling the fish!

The fishing boat trip was the highlight of my vacation. My family was there, and some amazing new friends. It was awesome. My next task is to make Jackie a bracelet to thank them for the boat trip and mackerel!

Make Your Own Free Air Conditioner – Going Green!

Make your own free air conditioner in the time it takes a can of water to freeze!
I am cheap and I really wanted an air conditioner for my bedroom however, the cost was a tad too high. So I looked online and saw some suggestions on how to make a cheap air conditioner, but I like free better.  (free if you have these items)

1 fan
10-20 popcans
Cookie sheet or tray with a lip

1. Fill the pop can with water about 2/3rds full, set cans in freezer. NOTE: Do not fill the cans too full and they will crack when frozen. Also I tried with as little as 6 and it worked fine!
2. When the cans are frozen, set them in front of the fan as shown on a cookie sheet to catch the condensation!
3. Turn the fan on! Voila!

It’s not going to cool down an entire room(I don’t think but let me know) but it will cool you down , I use this in my bedroom at night! Works great to give you that cool breeze for bed when  it is just too hot out!

 This picture shows the set up, The green boxes are a shelf, black dots are cans:)