Farmville Cake | Hello Kitty Cake | Monster Cookies

I am not a huge baker however, I do like to bake sometimes. My mom and step dad love Farmville, my step dads Birthday was coming up and I decided to create him a Farmville cake! My friend Lena who owns Goodies bakery in Yarmouth, NS (facebook ) sold me some fondant to make the animals and house(which she now sells marshmellow fondant in Yarmouth at her store, call for availability).  My pigs were so cute! 🙂 PS I am not a cake maker, so if you want to purchase this cake, contact Goodies Bakery in Yarmouth, NS.
 Another great idea for a cute cookies is monster cookies, take any drop sugar cookies recipe and add blue food coloring or green before baking and when he cookies first come out add the chocolate chip eyes quickly, then later the icing mouth, I just slapped them together but the kids seemed to love them!

Also to show off a cake that Goodies made for me, my Hello Kitty Birthday cake! AWESOME