Smugglers Cove Nova Scotia | Salmon Teriyaki

Me and my good friend Lena decided to go for a drive and visit Smugglers Cove, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful spot with a small picnic park area, board walks down to the water, and views of St. Mary’s Bay. The history behind Smugglers Cove –  named this as it was a prime location for the smuggling of liquor during prohibition in the 1920s. There are some markings on the wall that I have never made it in there to see but just heard from hear say. It really is a beautiful park, here is one of the pictures I took while there.

Also speaking of friends, a good friend of mine right now who decided to cook me supper one day.  She cooked me a salmon teriyaki supper with a spinach salad. I usually only make salmon in the oven, but this year I have learned to do it a couple of ways teriyaki flavoring on the salmon was amazing!  One other way I absolutely love, is by putting it in tin foil with onions, salt and pepper, on the barbeque.

Note the teriyaki flavoring was from epicure spices, follow the directions on the bottle and put on top, I also think there was a bit or orange juice added, it baked on 350 for about 20 minutes.

Pumpkin Seed Ornaments | Handmade Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago my relative gave my mom a christmas ornament made of seeds, they were the cutest thing ever! Now about 10 years later, I decided to remake them for Christmas gifts this year, I would have posted this sooner, however,they were gifts, I couldn’t! 🙂

Here is a picture of the final product:

Here are the supplies you will need to make them!

1. Dry pumpkin seeds
2. Something for the center, either a coffee bean, I used red peppercorns from bulk barn, or even another seed.
3. Ribbon to hang them
4. cardboard fro a cereal box or cardstock from your srabooking supplies.
5. Glue gun and glue sticks

Here they are in image form:

1. First cut a circle out of paper.
2.  Glue the ribbon to the paper well!
3. start gluing an outer seeds, make sure to put the near the edge and glue them well
4. When starting the second layer, glue them in between the other seeds, put lots and lots of glue, no skimping:)
5. glue the center in and let dry!

I have also painted some and added glitter but I like the natural look the best:)

Weekend Morning Coffee Drive – Tim Hortons

Getting up in the morning on the weekends in going to get coffee with my boyfriend or my boyfriend and the kids is one of my favorite things to do! I find it relaxing, I live in a beautiful area and I love the sights just in our area. I honestly don’t really like coffee I find it makes me extremely anxious so I get decaf mostly, but I still like the drive the mornings, the evenings. This is a picture we took on one of the coffee runs this is actually at night.

This is all the harbor right by the Tim Hortons that we go to, I really do live in a beautiful town Yarmouth Nova Scotia is a nice place and I’m thankful that I can make a 10-15 minute drive and see scenes like this.

Something else I like to do on the morning that I have time on the weekends or even money I like to go to the Yarmouth Farmers Market it while at the farmers market this year I noticed some homemade pasta so I thought I would try it, I’m not a huge pasta person but it was actually really good it does have flavoring so that’s what made it different but I found that pasta sauce I made over power the flavoring. It is still very good and something that you should try. I am going to try another flavor someday when I’m there.