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Quilting Yarmouth | Nature Quilt | Quilting Club

Wednesday Night at my house in Yarmouth, NS, me and a few friends get together to quilt! We are all learning, some more experienced then others but loving every minute of it.  I started out taking quilting classes at Dayton … Continue reading

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Geocaching Yarmouth NS | Geocaching Events | Ervind

I love geocaching! I have been caching for about 2 years now.  Me and Mike actually met geocaching and we still enjoy going!  To explain geocaching in a simple sentence, Taking a handheld GPS and putting coordinates in you get … Continue reading

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Being a Step Mother | Step Parents

Having a Stepmom – Growing up, I remember first meeting my step mother, my first thought was, she’s nice but weird. She had big glasses, and flashy blue spandex on, and was smoking in my dad’s purple mustang hehe.  The … Continue reading

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Fruit Pizza Recipe

Decided today to take some leftover fruit I had in the house and make a fruit pizza. If I had thought about it earlier Saturday, I would have taken this to our friends house this Saturday!  Our friends Angie and Gord, sell fresh … Continue reading

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Vegetable Garden | Radish Recipe | Vegetable Contest

Tell me 2 years ago I would be excited about a vegetable garden, and I would have laughed at you!  I love gardening now! I have been slowly starting plant things, this year in my tiny veggie garden I have … Continue reading

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