Birds Nest, Bird Saving, Bird Feeders Homemade, Just a lot of info about BIRDS!

New! Birds Nest Necklace! I will be selling these shortly! The eggs will be able to be different colors if you choose, what do you think? Cute eh?

Now this is an interesting story, my step-daughter and myself are the early birds, so we are usually up before the boys either watching tv, or baking or even cleaning. Maddy is always wanting to help me with anything I am doing <3. That morning Maddy asked me to go feed our live in ducks(they never leave our pond/yard here’s a youtube video of Riley Feeding them, I say sure, and about 2 min later she comes running in saying there is  a bird trapped in our garage she thinks, so  of course I grab my camera and run outside in my PJ’s and found this guy:

He was frantically trying to get out, slamming into the windows, even the doggie door(which is how I figure he got into the shed).  We had opened the big garage door at this point and were trying to shoo him out and he just couldn’t figure out which way to fly. I can imagine he was a tad scared considering the two huge monsters that just came in(lol ) so Maddy steps up to the plate, walks over to the window, pets the bird, takes two hands, scoops him up and lets him go out the garage door, it was almost like a Disney movie lol Maddy was freaking about it, and honestly, so was I. They say the early bird catches the worm, well in this case, the early risers catch the birds hehe.

Also as a side project this fall, we decided to make pinecone bird feeders, I think this one was Mike’s idea.

To make these just melt a bit of peanut butter and roll in bird seed, note, tie the string on first! 🙂

Apple Crisp in a Jar | Snowflake Earrings Winter Jewelry

So I made pie’s in a jar, so I figured why not apple crisp in a jar, My first batch turned out wonderfully.

I first chopped up the apples and put them in my mason jars:

Then I made a simple standard crisp topping using:

1 cup of oats
1 cup of flour
1 cup of brown sugar
cinnamon to taste
enough margarine or butter to get it to stick.

I then baked it for about 40 min fresh, about 60 min from frozen on 350 degrees.

When done, top with ice cream and YUM! It was really simple and great for one serving apple crisp!

Other projects I have had on the go are snowflake earrings and snowflake key chains or necklaces! Here are some of my most recent creations:

Snowflake long earrings and snow flake key chain custom stamped:) The stamped items can be purchased on my stamping page and the snowflake earrings you can find shortly on my earrings page or contact me to order!

Pigmentary Glaucoma|Pigment Dispersion Syndrome

I was diagnosed with a rare eye disease recently named pigmentary glaucoma or pigment dispersion syndrome and I figured I’d write about it a bit as when I was told about it and googling my symptoms, I found very little information. So far what I have read, it’s hereditary, it occurs more often in men, ages 20-40 and with age it disappears! Odd.

My First Episode/ Symptom
Night time is when I noticed PSD, the biggest symptom is rainbows around lights or a glowing haze around lights and pain in the eyes, for me a dull pain. To explain the rainbows around lights heres a diagram of what I see:

pigmentary glaucoma I love wikipedias information.

I love this facebook group where people who have this condition share information:

Things that help me: 
• Do not keep looking at the lights to see  if it happening!
• allergies in eyes ie. itching, don`t, also do not use allergy drops, use water and an allergy pill.
• Do not have hot hot steamy showers, steam can cause it, I try and keep the steam down in the bathroom but opening the door and shaving my legs seperately.
• Wear sunglasses outside at all times, even the winter.
• Avoid high impact aerobics.
• Do not rub your eyes hard
• I find lighting does make a difference, driving at night, at a place were you are looking at bright lights in a dark room.
~The few things I noticed that definitely seemed to bring it on was once going to a high impact fitness class and driving a long distance due to my bumpy car. I am hoping that I can soon curb this with eye drops.

Drops I have tried:
– These seem to work well for taking the pressure down, I notice slight burning when using these drops. These are by far my favorite, I currently only take them when having an episode.
Isopto Carpine 1% – WARNING these drops almost gave me a heart attack! Or a panic attack. These drop move your lens, and you instant lose vision for 3-4 hours! I have a habit  of putting drops only in one eye just in case, THANK GOD I did this when trying these for the first time. I could not have driven so thank god Mike was here to drive me to the hospital. These drops scared me, BIG TIME.
Azopt Opht Susp – Used with PMS-Brimonidine  0.2%, These I find work to bring pressure down, however, not as good as the combigan. These ones a thick and make vision blurry, I always used this one first and then PMS-Brimonidine  0.2%.
PMS-Brimonidine  0.2% – I used these drops with  Azopt Opht Susp, and the combo did help, but I do not use these anymore.

• Smoking cannabis will help lower pressure(I have not tried this)
• The condition is all attributed to lighting (I notice showers more lately)
• Stress can cause it (maybe but I cannot get any concrete answers)

Please let me know what your symptoms are, I am posting this so other people with this condition can find information as I could not find anything when I was having this condition.