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Winter Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Hebron | Snow photography | Snow Covered Grass

Quick hello, been busy working!  We had a coating of snow here the other day and this is my back yard! No ducks but wow it was pretty. Nice pink clouds in the back and a white crust on everything … Continue reading

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Sanford in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia | Sony Camera Review

Got a new camera for Christmas, been testing it out like crazy as I am very partial to Canon brand, this one is a Sony, however, I will say, I am now a Sony fan, not only does it take … Continue reading

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Tortilla Recipe Homemade | Whole Wheat Tortilla Healthy

I love saving money and trying new things, attempted tortillas today, a healthy whole wheat tortilla and they turned out great!  I will never but tortillas again, it was super simple to make them! I am pretty sure you could … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Roll Recipe | Biscuit like | Baking with Maddy

Baking with kids can be a challenge for some, but for me, I find it fun, rewarding, cute and I love it! Maddy is my step daughter and she is such a great help in the kitchen. She listens, she … Continue reading

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Jewelry Work Station | About Me

A few people have asked me,where do I work from, a studio, office or if I work from home? Also is there more then one person making the jewelry?  Who are you? Well I am Amanda Mackay I solely run … Continue reading

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