Stew and Doughboys Recipe by Mom

I have been playing with the doughboy recipe for quite some time now and I think I have finally perfected it! I was home sick one day and decided that my comfort food, while I was sick was going to be stew!! I have started to love cooking. My mom(Linda Peterson-Blades) makes best stew and doughboys ever! These pictures were taken by my mom, Linda Peterson Blades.

Carrots Peeled, Onions and Potatoes
Carrots Peeled, Onions and Potatoes

Stew Ingredients

(can use some or all of these items, I personally leave out potatoes if I am making doughboys/dumplings)
3-6 whole potatoes, peeled
6-8 peeled or just washed whole carrots
1 whole turnip peeled and cut into pieces
1-2 parsnips (optional)
1 onion chopped

1 pound cubed beef

Doughboys  Recipe
1 cup of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons of oil


Old Roasting Pot
Old Roasting Pot


1. In a large pot on stove top, add a tiny bit of oil, the cubed beef and the chopped onion to the pot. Brown the beef on medium heat until it starts sticking, then add water. Continue cooking until the water boils down, add more water and let it boil down again. This will soften the meat. You don’t need to stir it constantly, just don’t let the water run out!

Stew Cooking in Pot
Stew Cooking

2. Add all your veggies and cover with water and cook until tender. Once tender if you want doughboys or dumplings, add them now. Make sure you keep the water level just up to the top of the veggies.

Doughboys Dough
Texture to look for when mixing doughboys
Doughboys in Stew not cooked
Doughboys placed on top of Stew and in Broth
Doughboys and Stew Cooked
Doughboys cooked and puffed up

3. Making dumplings: Add all dry ingredients to a bowl, then add the wet, mix well but not long and quickly drop blobs of the dough into the pot of stew and cover, DO NOT lift the cover for 12-15 minutes! This should make the gravy too, if you do not make doughboys then add some flour water mix to the pot and stir to make a gravy.

Now serve and salt to your liking!

Doughboys and Stew on a Plate
Doughboys and Stew on a Plate

On a side note…my step daughter made this for me out of the blue:) Love it, and my step children!

Stepmom Card From Maddy
Stepmom Card From Maddy

Boulder Cove Cottages Review, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Our getaway this summer was beautiful. We had planned on camping, but due to the weather, Mike surprised us with a trip to Boulder Cove Cottages in Shelburne, NS. I loved this place, its beautiful, relaxing and close to my family. My dad and Flo came to visit us at the camp for bonfires and suppers. Dad passed away this winter so I will miss Dad the next time we go but my stepmom, my niece, nephews and other family friends are still there to visit!

This is the outside of our cottage, the Birchtown cottage. There is a BBQ and a deck over looking the water, a fire pit and deck chairs and a picnic table.

Birchtown Cottage
Birchtown Cottage

The views from our cottage were amazing, the water, wildlife and in this picture, the sunset.

Sunset View from Birchtown Cottage
Sunset View from Birchtown Cottage

I am highly allergic to cats and dogs, however, I still love them, so when opportunities to visit with them arise, I take full advantage (and Reactin and Benadryl lol). At Boulder Cove they had 3 dogs on site and they were adorable and hilarious!

On a side note if you have bad allergies like me, I did bring my own pillow as the pillows in our cabin were feather and I am highly allergic to feathers…and trees, and pollen, and shellfish.. so pretty much everything lol.

Magnum or Knucklehead the Black Lab
Magnum or Knucklehead the Black Lab

This guy was magnum or knucklehead and he has such a sweet personality and LOVES to fetch anything, even in water.

Magnum Swimming at Cottage
Magnum Swimming at Cottage

Something else hilarious is Magnum love/hates squirrels. If you say SQUIRREL!!!! really loud and quick he freaks out and goes hunting for them; and if he sees one..get out of the way lol.


This guy was older and calm and sweet. He also had a butt dragging habit that cracked us up when he would slide or drag his butt down the hills. Apparently this is a habit and not a condition as he was at it again during our second visit a few months later. lol


This guy or girl.. I forget.. was Mercedes. My nephew Alex loved him. He was the quiet one of the bunch but so sweet and gentle.

All of the dogs were trained to not enter the cabins, they were all great with kids and very well behaved. They made the vacation so much better!

The location of the cottages and walking/bike trails were amazing as well. Bikes are provided free of charge and helmets. They had bikes for all ages, in the same room there was also many boardgames too!

Here are a few pictures of the trail.

Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages
Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages


Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages
Walking Trail at Boulder Cove Cottages

Some more pictures around the cottage.


The fire pit and picnic table out front.


The whirlpool tub where I spent half my time lol. The bathroom had a tub, plus a stand up shower, Q-tips, shampoo, lotion, makeup pads, towels and face cloths and more in the laundry room. The laundry room is free to use but you need to bring soap! I pack the laundry sheets with the soap built in them.


That is Maddy’s hand feeding the chipmunks! The wildlife was everywhere at the cottage. There were loons, bald eagles, squirrels, frogs, and more I’m forgetting but one of my favorite was hearing the loons in the evening or morning.


The actual cottage was so well stocked I was amazed! This was one of the bedrooms. The bedrooms have 4 pillows, tons of blankets and an extra one in the closet, dresser and nightstands on both sides and Kleenex! Lol One room even had a magicbag.



The kitchen had everything! All cookware, utensils, cleaning things, baking sheets, toaster, coffee maker, bbq tools, roasting sticks for bonfire, tinfoil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, microwave, and too much to think of and list!


They had wireless internet and satellite TV as well, but honestly my goal was to spend time away from those things, but the kids enjoyed having it to use in the evenings.


Down by the dock they have canoes, kayaks, a rowboat and lifejackets to use. They even had fishing rods you could borrow! Many extras and no extra cost!

I loved this place it was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. The owner was awesome, very friendly and talkative. She lives on the property with the cabins so its comforting to know someone’s there if help is needed. Her daughter also became like another family member, Angelia and Maddy played together very well and we loved having her join in! Angelia came knocking on the door the minute we got there so Maddy was having a blast the entire time. The owner let Maddy play inside her house even! They played for hours at the playground area and play house.

Overall my review of Boulder Cove Cottages is, I would 100% recommend trying this place out!

Boulder Cove Cottages
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Phone: (902) 875-1542
Fax: (902) 875-1301

My Stepdad David Blades

This past year had been a rollercoaster of emotions!  I had 4 people very close to me pass away, 2 of them being my fathers. My step dad was one year ago on April 13th.

The picture is my Mom & Dave

My step dad passed away in April 2013, he had been battling cancer. Until I seen what Dave went through, I never realized how awful cancer could be. Dave was very sick and in so much pain, that it was hard to comfort him and tell him anything like “you will be ok” or that there was some medicine that would help him.  

Me and my mom spent months in and out of the hospital being told one day he has days to live, the next he’s getting better, then being told he wouldn’t make it till Christmas, then getting to spend Christmas with him.  There were days when the entire hospital could hear Dave in pain, there were days he was laughing, you never knew what you were going to walk into.There were days I would get calls at work and Dave would tell me he just found out he had cancer…he had lost his memory.  Yet no matter how stressful it was for me, I knew it was harder for mom and Dave then anyone.  Mom did so much for Dave in and out of the hospital, even when Dave was not sick enough for the hospital, he needed round the clock care at home.

My mom never stopped, she stepped up and she was amazing. Dave would tell me often how much he loved mom over his last months and that she was his angel.. But he didn’t need to tell me, I seen how he looked at mom and how mom cared and loved Dave in everything she did.

Dave was so loved by his family and it showed because his family, friends and coworkers all made sure he never spent 1 hour of any day or night alone for almost 2 months. Everyone took turns helping mom when she couldn’t be there. After months of this mom was exhausted. I am forever grateful for the people that helped and understood what we were going through.

Towards the end Dave told mom she would know when he was around when she seen the pretty birds. The day he died mom seen a Cardinal at the hospital and funeral home. It was so sad when Dave left but also a relief because Dave was in so much pain.

I think of Dave often. I knew how much he loved me because he told me often. This bear was a gift he got me for my first Christmas with mom. He told me before he died that he wished he had had kids, but that I was also one of the best things to happen to him.


Dave was kind, gentle, loving and a very amazing person. He treated my mom like an angel. Dave never had a mean thing to say about anyone, I only ever heard him speak kind words. Dave treated me like his daughter and I remember him telling mom he wanted to pick out my Christmas gifts from him, not Mom. He wanted it to be special from him. Dave was there for me for many hard times in my life and I never forgot that. When someone was mean to me he would offer to beat them up for me lol but I knew he was joking! Dave understood my constant battle with weight and food as Dave loved food almost as much as I do lol. Step parents have a special place in your heart, Dave was kind and loving to me always! I loved Dave like a father.


Dave asked me to make him something for the nurses that were taking care of him, these keychains said ty 4 caring 🙂 Not many people knew this but Dave asked me to do something special for him before he passed. He wanted to give me his money and buy mom a new computer because their computer was crashing and he wanted to get mom one last special surprise gift. He was giving until the day he died.

Donair Meat and Sauce Recipe | Donair Recipe Ground Beef

This is a Donair Recipe made with lean ground beef. I have been making my own donair meat and sauce for a while now,  and this recipe is now perfect for my tastes. I originally obtained this recipe from and friend and a site in Halifax. I have used this meat on a pizza with a garlic butter base and a donair sauce base, I have also want to try this soon as a hamburger on the barbeque. image


Donair Sauce Recipe

( Best made the day before)
• 1 can of evaporated milk (not fat free or 2%, must be regular full fat)
• 3/4 cup plus 1 tbsp of white sugar
• 2 tsp of garlic powder
• 4-6 tsp of vinegar

Directions and Tips

1. In a glass or pyrex container with a plastic spoon mix sugar and garlic powder, then add the can of milk and mix until sugar grains are dissolved.
*** do not use a metal bowl or utensils of any kind
2. Add 4 tsp of vinegar quickly and stir gently 5-6 times. Put sauce in the fridge to chill for 5-10 minutes.
3. Take sauce out of fridge for a minute and stir until clumps are gone. Put sauce back in fridge for 10 more minutes.
4. Add vinegar by the tsp to the sauce if still very runny and repeat the process. Keep sauce in fridge and chilled.

Donair Meat Recipe

350° for 1 hour and 15 minutes
• 1 tsp of salt
• 1 tsp oregano
• 1 tsp of flour
• 1/2 tsp black pepper
• 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
• 1/2 tsp garlic powder
• 1/2 tsp onion powder
• 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
• 1 large package of ground beef, 1 – 1.3 pounds

1. Mix all items well, I used my mixer and my dough hook
2. Form in long loaf and wrap loosely with tinfoil for first 40 minutes while baking. Check often as different loaf sizes will cook quicker.

My next expirment I am going to attempt using these same spices for hamburgers and barbequeing them and making Donair Burgers!

This past St. Patrick’s Day I spent with my uncles Ken and Dave and my aunt Orpha and my mom. We had supper, played,  Phase 10 and had a blast!

Four Leaf Clover Green Earrings
Four Leaf Clover Green Earrings

New earrings I made for St. Patrick’s Day. Made with a 4 leaf metal clover and green Swarovski’s.

Ken and Dave have a beautiful house, and beautiful interior design talent! Loved the fresh tulips and green decorations. We played cards and had a beautiful chicken dinner.


Dave and Ken run an antique store in Brenton, NS. is their site!

Lemon Pie without Meringue instead Whipped Cream

I hate meringue, so I make my lemon pie without meringue and instead used whipped cream!  I also use some lemon zest on top.

Lemon Pie with Whipped Cream
Lemon Pie with Whipped Cream

I made this from scratch today.

Lemon Pie without Meringue

1 cup of sugar
2 tbsp flour
3 tbsp cornstarch
1/8 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups of water
2 lemons, juice and rind zest
2 tbsp butter
4 egg yolks

1. Mix dry ingredients then add water and lemons.
2. After boiling add butter, remove from heat temp and quickly whisk in egg yolks. Cook until thick.

Pour in baked pie shell and top with whipped cream with a bit more zest on top.

Here in Nova Scotia today its finally sunny and nice.  Over the weekend me and the family decided to get back into geocaching. The kids had picked up these coins too long ago so just put them in my geocache called “over the hedge” and added many more trinkets because the cache was an absolute mess!  One of the coins I activated and asked them to try and get travelled to New Zealand, Alaska and Europe!  The turtle shaped coin started in the Netherlands, to Germany, then Sweden, Toronto, Canada, and then Nova Scotia.



Another sign of spring…sidewalk chalk…love having my driveway decorated:)